Grow, learn & Innovate

Vertical Aeroponic technology circulates 100% of the all natural nutrient solution, uses up to 95% less water as conventional organic farming, and 90% less land by growing vertically. 

Aeroponic technology, combined with our natural ionic mineral plant food, Simply provides a chemical-free LIVE plant for optimum micro-nutrients, bursting flavors and aromatic smells.

We believe that where there is room for change there is opportunity for learning. Our urban farm model aims to address issues of food production, but to also be an effective tool for education and community building.


What can a smart farm

do for our community?

Educate all ages from elementary to college agricultural students, culinary associates,

Provide municipalities and private ownership of venues a visually interactive medium for their customers to experience. 

Venue & Community Space allocated within the botanical style setting to facilitate attendees for reception, dinner or other functions.




Healthy. Smart. Easy.



For the first time in history, the Orange County Convention Center will have the ability to serve edibles grown on property in an all-natural, chemical-free environment. In a few months, an Aeroponic Structure consisting of 2,000 square feet will be installed in the Westwood Lobby ready to foster herbs, edible flowers, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, and squash).

There will be 81 towers cultivating 44 planting spots in each tower and the process will produce herbs and vegetables for meals prepared at the OCCC. Centerplate, our food service provider, will be responsible for the plants, seedlings and maintenance. The process begins in a few weeks and will repeat itself every six weeks.