6. What is an “Urban Farm”? is it just a trendy name?

Before the 20th century most all produce was grown within 50 miles of where the produce was consumed.  Obviously growing seasonably depending on the region you lived.  California now grows 230 varieties of crops in the Central coastal region which stretches 450 miles.  Total farm land in California has expanded to over 1,000,000 acres with 500,000 under severe drought conditions that have fallen fallow.  California essentially feeds 90% of the US. 

Think Tanks believe that our population will reach 7 billion people by 2050 globally and 50% of us will live in an urban environment.  We need to find efficient, safe, nutritional and cost effective food for 7 billion people.  Transportation and overwhelming California with the burden of watering these crops is not sustainable and cannot be achieved with the current weather conditions in California. 

Urban farming is where we identify obscure urban land, roof tops, inside abandon buildings, or commercial space like tops of parking garages and turn them into the much needed farms, producing nutrient rich, local agriculture that can be consumed quickly and without burdening other states.


7. Do you use pesticides or herbicides on your produce while growing and how much run off water is being dumped?

Vertical Tower Garden has eliminated pesticides and herbicides because we are not growing in the soil (which is where 80% of your pest originate) We use all natural means and methods, plant pest-repelling plants, put good bugs (think lady) in and around your plants, create a DIY all natural pest spray with garlic, cayenne pepper and a home sprayer.  Tower Garden is a close – loop-agricultural system which means it recirculates the nutrient rich water and uses 95% less water than conventional growers.  


8. How fast does crops grow in the Tower Garden?

Because the root system is receiving oxygen rich nutrient water through the root system, the plants grow on average in 1/3 of the time it would take a plant to reach maturity grown conventionally.  

1. Are you organic?

No, our produce is not certified organic because Urban Smart Farms is not growing in organic material (i.e. cow or fish fertilizers)

However, we ALWAYS use non-GMO seeds and Organic seeds when seeding our plants.  We DO use an all natural (no synthetics) Proprietary Aeroponic Plant Food


2. What is Aeroponic Plant Food? Is it safe?

Aeroponic Plant is a safe, stable water base iconic mineral solution.

Aeroponic Power-Gro® contains a wide range of specially formulated ionic minerals and plant nutrients. Aeroponic Power-Gro® is the world’s first high performance ionic mineral solution specifically designed for all types of food and flowering crops. The pH balanced blend of plant nutrients help stimulate plant roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves. Unlike conventional hydroponic fertilizers, the amazing Aeroponic Power-Gro® can be used to grow everything from gourmet lettuce and edible flowers to beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes.

Healthy plants packed with nutrition help create healthy people! Aeroponic Power-Gro® is loaded with minerals essential to vibrant human health!


 3. Is the Tower Garden technology hydroponics? 

No, not exactly.  Hydroponics grow horizontally and while Aeroponics is growing vertically.  The proprietary plant food is circulated within the water that is being drawn up through the middle of the towers and sprinkled down on the root system of the plants; Thus creating more oxygen rich water solution and giving our plants faster growth and more nutrient rich plants!


 4. What vegetables and fruits can a Tower Garden grow?

We can grow most crops with the exception of root vegetables (see design) we can not grow down.  Tower Garden has seen everything from Strawberry’s to Corn successfully grown and nutrient rich.


5. How much produce can a Vertical Aeroponic Farm really produce?

A commercial vertical farmer can grow on 1 acre what it would take a conventional in the ground farmer 5 acres to produce.

Arugula Vertical Style