For the first time in history, Centerplate at the Orange County Convention Center will have the ability to serve edibles grown on property in an all-natural, chemical-free environment.  Utilizing Tower Garden, an Aeroponic Structure and proprietary aeroponic-all natural plant food consisting of 2,000 square feet is located in the Westwood Lobby ready to foster herbs, artisan lettuces and hearty greens (rainbow chard, spinach and bok choys to name a few)

Center-to-Table Gardens will consist of 81 towers cultivating over 80,000 plants annually of live, nutritious vegetables for meals prepared by Centerplate's culinary team led by "Chef K" James Katurakes.  Urban Smart Farms has installed and will manage the largest indoor vertical farm for a venue currently in the US and is looking forward to expanding into other venues.

Our clients and guests of OCCC will be the first to experience eating live produce grown specifically for their groups by our talented Centerplate culinary team, the food & beverage management of OCCC.

Centerplate is leading the venue industry by implementing a sustainable urban farm that will grow live healthy produce 365 days a year and provide an opportunity for the Orlando community to experience and educate in urban farming that is trending the world agricultural systems to feed our ever growing population.